A small sample of my reporting, analysis, commentary and blog posts. Some articles are listed under multiple categories.

Some recent favorites

The Intercept: Biden’s “Cabinet of Firsts” Betrays a Cynical Approach to Diversity

The New York Times: Why Leftists Should Vote for Biden in Droves

The Nation: Bolivia’s remarkable socialist success story

Esquire: What Vice gets wrong about Dick Cheney’s politics

Pacific Standard: Bernie Sanders’ speech on democratic socialism was about reclaiming the concept of freedom for the left. 

VICE: Beto’s Campaign Is Worse Than Pointless. It’s Destructive. 

The Guardian: A Bloomberg 2020 run would help the left – by failing spectacularly

My appearance on “The Daily” discussing my inadvertent foray into a “triple cancellation”

Some popular editions of the newsletter

Why Democratic hand-wringing over riots in Kenosha throwing the election to Trump may be overblown.

What happened to Ta-Nehisi Coates?

Behind the collapse of Mic: a farewell to algorithms

Why progressive politicians should be going on Fox News

The Bernie Bro problem is a real one

Condemning “Cuties” requires consistency

Foreign policy and foreign affairs

I read Trump’s trade adviser’s anti-China book. It’s wilder than you can imagine.

I ate at North Korea’s state-run restaurant chain in China. It was weird.

The special ingredient that helps explain Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic war on Qatar

North Korea is more rational than you think

Nikki Haley’s path to the presidency runs right past Trump

Rapid-fire news & news analysis

Trump’s message to the world at the UN: every country is on its own

Trump has pulled out of the TPP free trade deal

Bernie Sanders Raised $4,815 a Minute in the 18 Hours After New Hampshire

Donald Trump Jr.’s tour through India is staggeringly corrupt

Q&As with interesting people

Elizabeth Warren on Trump and her VP prospects

Robert Reich Explains Why Capitalism Is Broken and the Importance of Bernie Sanders

Cornel West Talks About Endorsing Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump

“Another kick in the teeth”: a top economist on how trade with China helped elect Trump

Julian Castro on How the Obama Administration Got 50% of Homeless Veterans Off the Streets in 4 Years